Fernando - Top Personal Trainer - Hong Kong

Fernando - Top Personal Trainer in Hong Kong


Fernando Aguirre is a top personal trainer in Hong Kong with more than 20 years of experience in training clients around the world including actors, models, bodyguards, busy business executives, golfers, brides-to-be, professional athletes, etc. Fernando relocated to Hong Kong from Manhattan, New York, where he had a loyal following of prestigious clients, including celebrities.

Fernando had his own feature on U.S. television in 'Ponte en Forma' or 'Get in Shape', a fitness section within the breakfast program of NBC Telemundo 47. He was also interviewed for an exclusive article in Time Out Hong Kong and was listed as one of Hong Kong's Top Ten Personal Trainers in HK Magazine.

In addition to his extensive international experience and knowledge, Fernando has university level studies in psychology and sports medicine which taught him to understand the influence of attitude and mind-set on an individual's potential to perform.

Fernando uses his combination of experience and knowledge to offer a unique, innovative, professional and personally tailored one-on-one system which focuses on each client's need to improve posture, spinal alignment, muscle tone and strength to get centered and in shape fast. He is particularly renowned for his work on clients with back pain or posture problems such as scoliosis, rounded shoulders and back injuries.

Fernando always emphasizes that results are most rapidly achieved when the body and mind work in harmony together. Consequently all training is conducted in a positive atmosphere with a focus on total client satisfaction from each and every session. Enjoy the experience of Training with Fernando.

"I'm lucky to have Fernando as my personal trainer. He has helped me to improve my fitness level and build my deep muscles to prevent any injuries from work. He will think of many new ideas to train specific muscles and match my needs as a jockey. As a jockey, I have to be lean and strong. I can't afford any big muscles because it will make me too heavy. Fernando has done a really great job to meet my career requirements. In this time, Fernando has become a really good friend and has supported me in every day life and in my job."
Vincent C.Y. Ho, Professional Hong Kong Jockey

"Of my many years of experience weight training, my time with Fernando was simply the best. Under his direction I achieved my greatest gains in overall conditioning, muscle building, flexibility, and general good health, as well as to eliminate my lower back pain. I envy anyone who has the opportunity to work with Fernando."
Ray, Designer, California

"Training with Fernando will change the way you feel about your body and yourself. He helps clients achieve their physical potential with patient, yet challenging attention. I have worked with many trainers in New York, and none can rival Fernando!"
Mary, NYU College Professor

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