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About Fernando

Fernando Aguirre has more than 30 years of active participation in different sports. He has competed in national-level volleyball competitions, professional soccer and karate-do where he won national competitions and competed in international competitions.

Fernando has also trained in kick-boxing and tai chi and has been weight training for more than 20 years, during which he has won amateur weight lifting and body building competitions. Additionally, he has worked as a dance choreographer in Mexico.

Fernando draws upon all his experiences to develop innovative and fun exercises that suit each individual. He varies the types of exercises each session so clients are constantly stimulated by new challenges.

Fernando's study of psychology at university is integral to his unique and harmonious training approach to body and mind. He focuses on attitude and mind-set as much as physical input as key motivators to performance achievement.

Fernando's sports medicine and personal training qualifications are CODEME and FMFC. CODEME is the certification for sports medicine, including nutrition and anatomy, from the Mexican Olympic Federation. FMFC is the certification for personal training from the Mexican Federation of Physical Training and Weight Lifting.

Fernando was born in Mexico City. He lived in Manhattan, New York City, for 6 years before moving to Hong Kong.             

"Fernando is passionate about what he does. He is more than just a personal trainer, having an interest in not just toning your body but healing the human body through natural therapies and remedies. Fernando takes a genuine interest in your total well-being, whether it be physical, mental or psychological. He is sensitive, intelligent and intuitive, constantly imparting knowledge and learning and improving himself from his experiences of having such a varied clientele. A session with Fernando is intense but he will only push you to the tipping point of your limit. He has seen me through many ups and downs: gently encouraging and "fixing" me through my fractured leg and several operations on different parts of my body. Thanks Fernando for making me feel great!"
Bada, Communications Specialist and Regulator, Hong Kong.

"Fernando is recognized as our most experienced personal trainer. He is the go-to person when members need particular attention, e.g. due to a back injury, recovering from an operation, poor posture, pregnancy fitness, etc. His expertise in these special cases for fitness, injury recovery and overall health improvement will be very much missed in New York. We at New York Sports Clubs wish Fernando all the best for continued success in his career, and will be happy to re-employ him on his return to New York City."
Ricardo Andre, Fitness Manager, Mercer Street, New York Sports Clubs

"After trying various trainers I wasn't satisfied with the results. Since I started training with Fernando I approach my solo workouts with more confidence and excitement because I've learned great new routines and my body is looking better than it ever has. Now members of my gym comment on how great I look."
Tatiana, Physiotherapist, New York

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