Fernando - Top Personal Trainer - Hong Kong

Fernando's Philosophy


A personal message from Fernando on his philosophy:

After meeting many people throughout this world, people from different countries, cultures, religions and economic levels, I learned a very important lesson: we have just one opportunity to be happy and free in this life and the only way to do it is to be owners of ourselves; to be in complete harmony inside and outside, mind, body and soul.

So when I train somebody new I pay a lot of attention to their attitude. I believe first we have to train our most important muscle which is our mind. We need to train the mind to be optimistic and positive if we are to reach our highest goals. Therefore, do everything today with your best ability plus a lot of love and passion, because by our achievements today, tomorrow will be even better. That is my philosophy.

I will help you find your personal path to harmony: mind, body and soul. Through this balanced approach you will achieve more than you thought possible.


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