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Services and Rates


Fernando can train you in your home, the gym in your residence, a local park or public area if the weather allows, or at a private gym in Central, Hong Kong.

A one-on-one training session with Fernando normally lasts 60 minutes and includes cardio, weight resistance training, kick boxing, posture alignment and stretching. Nutrition advice is provided.

If training in your home, Fernando will bring his own equipment and improvise with what is available around your home for a creative and fun training session customized to meet your needs and achieve your goals.


Rates can vary depending upon distance traveled.

The first 60 minute introduction session (once only) is FREE!

"Fernando rescued me from the physical results of years at a high-stress job, poor diet and little exercise.  In three short months I achieved my goals and more. His approach is the opposite of “cookie cutter.”  Rather than setting weight loss and fitness goals only, Fernando tailors his programs specifically to the individual almost as a “body sculptor,” identifying and correcting problem areas in order to create one’s personal best. His at-home workouts are innovative and effective - including everything from stretching and weight-training to cardio - and can easily slot into anyone’s schedule.  They are always challenging, but achievable, leaving you energized and motivated to reach the next level.  The convenience and flexibility of a professionally guided workout at home helps you incorporate an ongoing commitment to fitness into a new and happier lifestyle."  
Elizabeth, Public Relations Executive, Hong Kong

"I first hired Fernando prior to my wedding. After I got married I was so impressed with my results that I continued to incorporate his training and positive attitude into my lifestyle. Fernando is enormously enthusiastic, intelligent, and optimistic. He is a burst of energy, has a wonderfully warm disposition and shows a genuine passion for helping people."

Deborah, Actress and Designer, New York

"I have worked out in gyms for over 20 years however my results were significantly greater and faster after just a short while under Fernando's direction. Throughout our entire time together, he has been able to keep our sessions varied and fresh. On more than one occasion I have come to Fernando with an injury or specific pain and he would modify my session to work the muscles to support the area and facilitate my recovery - always with a positive outcome."
Robert. Architect, New York

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